Seasonal Allergies Causes and Cure

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What Causes Seasonal Allergies?

Seasonal allergies can cause blocked ears, a stuffy nose, watery eyes, an itchy throat, and patchy skin. 

In the spring, pollination of the trees and flowers release allergens into the air. In the fall, weed pollination occurs, which causes ragweed allergies. There is also dead leaves and decomposing plant material that, when mixed with the rain and increased moisture, causes mold spores in the air.

All this debris in the air is foreign to our body toxic as we breathe it in. Our immune system releases histamine to protect itself from these allergens, and your body must then detoxify the allergens and the histamine that was just produced. 

Our bodies are capable of eliminating these allergens and histamines as fast as they come in, but our polluted world can overwhelm the body so that it can’t keep up. If the liver is overloaded with other toxins, histamine must wait in line to be eliminated. If histamine accumulates, it causes allergy symptoms!

Taking nutrients to decongest de-congest the liver and help it detoxify faster can stop allergy symptoms! 

One supplement to consider is Glutathione, which the liver uses to neutralize toxins. The more Glutatione available, the faster we detoxify. Another is Quercetin. This enzyme helps to reduce inflammation in the airways and inhibit histamine release. 

Our office put together an Allergy Package to help you. We use a highly active form of Liposomal Glutathione, a High Dose Quercetin, and an effective liver decongestant in the form of a whole-food vitamin. This combination works great for most people with basic seasonal allergies. 

Call our office! The package is $100, which should take care of you for the rest of the Fall Allergy season. If you call by Oct 15th, you can get 10% off!

What About My Other Symptoms?

If you have more serious allergy issues and need a specialized visit, or if you have joint pains, muscle pains, or other health issues, call and schedule an appointment with us. If you come and pay by Oct 15th, you can get the same 10% off your entire visit

Call our office for details! (Does not apply to insurance plans). 

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