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I wish more doctors understood what Dr. Geck does. He uses cutting edge techniques to both diagnose and treat his patients. Honestly, I think he can fix almost anything.

Debora M.

Restorative Wellness Center, Google

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Do you suffer from chronic lower back pain?

If you are experiencing symptoms like lower back pain, arm or leg pain, numbness or tingling, burning, or limited range of motion then you must first understand why.

Conditions like bulging disc and spinal stenosis often have underlying causes which can be identified though the process Dr. Daniel Geck explains in this free online session. We'll discuss common underlying issues related to chronic back pain and identify the symptoms you may be experiencing as a result.

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Let's find a solution to your disc problem

Understand The Difference Between Symptoms vs. Problem

What Is The Problem With My Spine?

Three Signs To Look For On MRI

Four Traps Keeping You In Pain

How Spinal Decompression Works

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In my career I am standing for long periods of time. I was experiencing terrible lower back pain. Most days I was counting the hours until my work day was done so I could ice my back. Nothing was changing and the pain was and everyday experience. I NEEDED HELP! I am amazed!! I just finished my 10th visit, and I cannot believe how great I feel. My pain is not more manageable it is NON EXISTANT! I feel excellent. When I first met Dr. Geck I was skeptical. I am one that is extremely skeptical but now I am a believer that Dr. Dan is on to something. I know he is because my days are a joy now! NO MORE PAIN!

Leva Berglands

Google Review

Before I came to Dr. Geck, I was in extreme back pain to the point of having to miss work on several occasions. I was having a hard time moving around. After starting my care with Dr. Geck my back has made progress with every visit. I am able to work and move around so much better! Dr. Geck is very educated and enthusiastic! He always makes sure I feel more mobile leaving than before I came in.

Cassie Shamey

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I was experiencing severe back pain and could not stand or walk for long. I had also been recovering from shoulder surgery and an injury was causing neck, head and shoulder pain.
Now, I have no back pain and have been able to resume all previous activities. My head, neck and shoulder pain are gone.
Anyone who has considered this treatment but are still unsure should not wait. It will help change your outlook on life and the way you feel.

Pat Mullaly

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