Clinical Nutrition

We Find and Fix the Cause of your symptoms!

What People Are Saying

We know what it's like to walk a mile in your shoes

We have struggled with chronic symptoms.  We know how it feels to have to cut back on the things you love or disrupt your career because of health issues. 

We are committed to finding a long-term solution that you can implement easily. 

Help Your Body Heal Itself

Why are we taking more meds but becoming less healthy?

Even though we have huge advancements in medical technology and more meds than years past, millions of Americans are experiencing more chronic symptoms, worse digestion, worse sleep, increasing heart disease and diabetes, etc.

What is the purpose and limitation of medication???  Why are our bodies not healing?

Precise Action: Superb Results

Discover the underlying cause of your symptoms

We are committed to helping you break through from chronic symptoms:

  • Chronic, Unresolved Pain
  • Aging and Degenerative Disease
  • Skin Conditions, Fungus, Infection, Bowel issues
  • Brain Fog, Depression, Anxiety
  • Chronic Fatigue, Autoimmune Disease

We help people with these conditions using our 3-Pronged Approach

The systems in our Clinical Nutrition Program are designed to Identify what exactly is interfering with your advancement through the healing process.

We support you with strategies with your diet, sleep, exercise, and lifestyle to set the framework for the healing process.

We use the most advanced supplements in a Specifically Designed Program to empower your body to eliminate waste, detoxify, kill infection, reset energy production, and ultimately Heal Itself.

We are passionate about helping people like you experience a breakthrough in health!

Our Approach

At Restorative Wellness Center, we care for our patients using functional medicine.

Our methodology is simple but life-changing: Treat the underlying cause of a condition, not just the symptoms. Your environment, habits, diet, and other factors can play a part in sickness or a chronic condition. In fact, 80 to 90 percent of illness is preventable by correcting lifestyle factors – which means, lifestyle factors are an essential part of reversing any condition.

Through customized lifestyle education, coaching, and supplemental outlines, our team develops a successful wellness program uniquely suited to your needs. We uncover the deep-rooted causes of your health complaints to address your problem at its source, reverse disease, and improve your body’s function. Educating and empowering yourself to take the right actions now can prevent worse afflictions in the future. And working to keep your body well from the inside out minimizes your need to rely on doctors for prescriptions.

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