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A Thorough Approach

Have you ever had pain in an area that was never injured?

Physical pain is almost always due to a combination of joint misalignment, muscular weakness, fascial restriction, and, most importantly, distorted nerve signals.

Many facilities are set up to focus on one or two of those areas.  Our office integrates treatment on ALL of those areas, at EVERY VISIT.  This produces Quicker Results.

An Integrated Health Model

Discover the underlying cause of your pain

Sometimes pain can be fixed with a straightforward chiropractic and muscular treatment approach.  But some people have complications.  Nutritional imbalance, chemical insult, or pathogenic infection can interfere with the healing process.  These cases will have long-term pain with wavering treatment results, until the complication is resolved. 

We have treatment programs to eliminate these issues so your body can finally heal.  This produces Lasting Results.

Our Approach

At Restorative Wellness Center, we care for our patients using functional medicine.

Our methodology is simple but life-changing: Treat the underlying cause of a condition, not just the symptoms. Your environment, habits, diet, and other factors can play a part in sickness or a chronic condition. In fact, 80 to 90 percent of illness is preventable by correcting lifestyle factors – which means, lifestyle factors are an essential part of reversing any condition.

Through customized lifestyle education, coaching, and supplemental outlines, our team develops a successful wellness program uniquely suited to your needs. We uncover the deep-rooted causes of your health complaints to address your problem at its source, reverse disease, and improve your body’s function. Educating and empowering yourself to take the right actions now can prevent worse afflictions in the future. And working to keep your body well from the inside out minimizes your need to rely on doctors for prescriptions.

Turning Back The Clock

Are you just living with the pain and taking pain meds?

You may have felt like your body is compensating for injuries, causing pain patters in new locations.  If you felt this way, you’re probably correct!  The system of analysis we use reveals the primary area in need of treatment.  When that are is corrected, which we often do quickly, the next region needing treatment becomes evident.

This process is great for people with old problems that the body has compensated for over many years.  These patients have developed layers of problems that are all connected. 

Let go of the frustration of trying to figure it all out.  Use a system designed to peel back the layers of problems, correcting them one-by-one!

Strengthen Your Core

Experiencing back, neck, or spinal pain?

We all know the importance of keeping our body’s core strong but did you know that the true core of the body is the spine? Imbalances, tightness, and other areas of weakness cause problems in this true core, creating muscle tensions and twisting deep within the spine.

Our thorough examination of your spine will uncover the mysterious origins of your pain and our personalized course of treatment will balance, strengthen, and reduce that nagging pain in your neck, spine, or lower back.

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