Prevent Heat Exhaustion

Water Doesn't Re-Hydrate You!

That is a shocking statement, but in a minute you’ll see why it is true. 

The body needs hydration to cool down. Imagine a car without engine coolant. Your body overheats without hydration. But when you are properly hydrated, you will prevent the collapsing feeling of Heat Exhaustion and potential Heat Stroke. You can work and be highly active in hot weather and still be SAFE!

What Is Hydration?

It’s having the proper amount of fluids in the different compartments of your body. These compartments are…
1) in the blood vessels and capillaries,
2) in-between the cells of your organs, also called interstitial fluid, and
3) inside your cells. 

When you drink water, the fluid must move from the bloodstream, to the interstitial fluid, to the inside of the cells, or you won’t be hydrated.  MINERALS are responsible for making sure this fluid movement happens!!

Sand Vs. Soil

The mere act of drinking water doesn’t isn’t enough to hydrate you because you need minerals to absorb water. Think of pouring water into sand as opposed to soil. Sand does not absorb water, but soil soaks it right up! Without mineral balance in your different compartments, the water you drink will run right through you.

What Should I Do?

The simplest advice I can give is to get your salts in you! My favorite supplement is a form of minerals that was made in a carbon-matrix. These minerals are the most readily usable form for your body. Minerals in soil aren’t usable to the body. But, after a plant takes those minerals out of the soil and puts them in its leaves and fruit, it is very usable. I have a specialized mineral supplement that was developed using this concept. But I don’t run an online supplement business, so you’ll have to call our office for more information. 

Another option is to get the right kind of salt from the store. It must be Celtic Sea Salt or Himalayan Salt. These salts have over 50 other minerals that balance sodium, making them safe to use. Some people take a 1/4 teaspoon of this salt two to three times per day. Then when they drink water, they re-hydrate easily.

Emergency Kit

If you’re going on a hot vacation or doing long, hard work in the heat, be sure to have some coconut water on hand. If someone starts to get into a heat exhaustion crisis, have them drink coconut water (not coconut milk) immediately. The body will snap out of it quickly. 

Be sure to also call for emergency care if you suspect heat exhaustion, but get the coconut water in right away. 

Pain Or Health Problems?

If you are you struggling with symptoms and want a non-invasive solution, please call our office for information on how we can help! 

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