Diabetes sufferers may sometimes feel like their diagnosis means a lifetime of restrictions and health struggles. This condition doesn’t have to deprive you of a life well-lived. Diabetes therapy is an arm of functional medicine that makes it possible to fully address your health condition rather than simply mask its symptoms. Minimizing and even eliminating your diabetes is possible with the right knowledge, tools, and support along the way.


What you eat every day and your level of activity naturally affect how your body works. Diabetes, though, is indiscriminate. Anyone can develop this affliction no matter your lifestyle, though some people do have greater risk factors than others.

Diabetes is no longer a disease of the elderly, as it was once believed to be. This problem has been growing exponentially and affects far too many youths because of widespread poor lifestyle habits. The number of diabetic or pre-diabetic Americans numbers over 108 million. Of the children born after the year 2000, 1 in 2 will have developed diabetes by the time they reach high school.


Diabetes is a preventable and controllable disease. In some cases, diabetes can be reversed with proper lifestyle changes. However, common medical treatment does not reverse this disease. While medication lowers blood glucose numbers, it does so artificially and does not correct the underlying cause of the problem. Thus, diabetes often gets worse.

Living the same lifestyle you always have after receiving a diabetes diagnosis but attempting to make your choices acceptable because of pharmaceutical intervention is an effort in futility. Even with medication, blood glucose numbers will rise again and more medication will be needed to keep the glucose numbers down. This approach is a downward spiral that causes a steady decline in glucose health and overall health and could even lead to heart attack, stroke, eye disease, and more.

Diabetes therapy is a natural approach that can help your body defeat this disease. Empower yourself with knowledge and the help to combat diabetes.

There are three components to diabetes therapy:


You don’t already need a diabetes diagnosis to benefit from diabetes therapy. Type 2 diabetes is often preventable, no matter your risk factors. If you know that you are predisposed to developing diabetes, common sense should prevail as you make lifestyle and food choices. It’s not easy to always make the right choices on your own. And that’s why diabetes therapy can help.

Diabetes is not a life sentence that must be endured. Empower yourself, take control of your diabetes. Make your appointment at the Restorative Wellness Center in Ann Arbor to meet with Dr. Daniel Geck about the options you have for a better future and better health, with or without diabetes.

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